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Water Bill Calculator

Water bill calculator can be used to plan or calculate your water bill to see that it has been calculated correctly. Your total amount could be off by cents due to being rounded off. Just plug in the amount used and it will calculate your bill amount. Any question please call the Town Hall.

You can pay your bill online by visiting this site. If paying by credit card or e-check, these are the fees associated.

Enter your gallon usage:
Included 7000 gal
Overage Gallons N/A
$0.15 / 100 Gallons N/A
Water O/M $81.50
Water Cap $46.30
Water Bill N/A
Usage N/A
$0.72 / 100 Gallons N/A
Sewer O/M $50.50
Sewer Bill N/A
Water & Sewer Total Bill N/A